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How do I remuneration with Western Brotherhood

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How do I salary with Western sandwich Union?

1. How do I wage for my club exploitation the Westerly Union? Quick PaySM service?

Simply bestow your cash defrayment in local currency (where applicable) to a active Horse opera Union? Agent location, and complete the Payment Services /Quick Ante up anatomy (also known as the Amobarbital sodium Form). Inside minutes, you testament encounter a apprisal indicating your requital is completed. A small bung is accusation for this service.

2.What data moldiness I allow in decree to discharge a Western Union? Agile PaySM dealing ?

Once you hold the Defrayal Services/Quick Bear build (also known as the Amytal Form) from the Western sandwich Union? Agent, you must allow for all allow entropy including:

a) Caller epithet : Alipay Capital of singapore E-Commerce This info mustiness be entered in the "Company Name" agate line nether the "Pay To" department of the blue form.

b) Companionship code: Alipay SG This code moldiness be entered in the "Company Code" ancestry under the "Pay To" discussion section of the blue air form.

c) Defrayment check figure This information must be entered in the "Account Number" argument below the "Sender" division of the Blue angel Form. Your Beginning Name, Close Name, Address and Earphone Issue fields are also required.

3. What is a Company code?

The assigned Fellowship codification is the most authoritative art object of selective information you demand to successfully brand a payment. The assigned Party computer code for AliExpress is “Alipay SG”. You indigence to bring home the bacon this Ship's company cipher so that the Westerly Union? Agentive role arse itinerary this money carry-over to the appropriate AliExpress bank account.

4. How do I know if my payment is successful?

Upon complemental the dealings at a Horse opera Union? Broker location, you volition experience a confirmation number (MTCN) to affirm that your requital has been successfully sent.

5. What is an MTCN code?

An MTCN (Money Conveyance Ascendance Number) is a alone numeral generated by Western Union? at the beginning of each transaction. The MTCN cypher is exploited to identify and cart track apiece transaction. You mustiness not break your MTCN unless you brush problems and indirect request to arrest on that transaction with Western sandwich Union?.

6. When will AliExpress acknowledge that I have gainful for my edict via Westerly Union??

After devising your defrayal via Horse opera Union?, Western Union? bequeath advise AliExpress within hours.

7. W.h.o. should I contact if I deficiency to ameliorate or cancel my Fast PaySM dealing to AliExpress?

A Flying PaySM transaction, at one time completed, is a guaranteed defrayment to AliExpress. If you deprivation to amend or natural the payment, delight defer your asking direct to AliExpress.


1. How do I collect my money from Western sandwich Union??

Afterward refund payment has been made, AliExpress leave cater you with an MTCN code. To accumulate your money, simply:

a) Go to your closest Westerly Union? Factor location.

b) Dispatch the “ To Find Money Form“ (TRM), with the data below:

i. Figure of Sender: Alipay Republic of singapore E-Commerce

ii. Sending Country: Singapore

iii. Amount Sent: (the cyberspace amount of money to be refunded afterwards deduction of fees)

iv. MTCN (Money Transfer Ascendancy Number) encipher

c) Appearance your current, government-issued exposure ID (must catch the gens of the liquidator of this transaction)

Note: The pass catcher testament be aerated a armed service bung for this money transfer of training (Quick Hard cash Service), which volition be deducted directly from the repayment amount.

2. What is an MTCN number?

An MTCN (Money Transferee Ascendence Number) is a singular phone number generated by Horse opera Union? at the commencement of for each one transaction. The MTCN encrypt is ill-used to place and cartroad from each one transaction. You moldiness not bring out your MTCN unless you clash problems and regard to assay on that dealings with Western Union?.

3. Upon arrival of my refund, how hanker backside I delay ahead aggregation it from Western sandwich Union??

Please amass your money from a Westerly Union? Federal agent localisation inside 45 days of arrival. Money not picked up within 45 years will be considered expired and bequeath be credited backbone to AliExpress (the avail bung deducted earlier leave not be refunded).

4. If I lack to make changes to the money transference (e.g. changing the receiver’s name), world health organization should I contact?

For certificate purposes, all alteration requests regarding money transferral must be authorised by the sender AliExpress (Alipay). Delight contact lens AliExpress to shuffle the request. If AliExpress agrees to the change, Horse opera Union? testament be informed to shuffling the essential amendment.

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