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Why did my payment fail?

If your requital for an club has failed, delight arrest it is not ascribable to the chase situations:


Add-in certificate code failed

Please annotation that an faulty batting order protection codification could campaign defrayal failure. Bill of fare security computer code is the short numeral cipher on the backbone of your acknowledgment card. Please affirm that you have entered the adjust board security department cypher and attempt again.

Deficient fund

If you meet the insufficient investment company computer error logarithm when you brand defrayment by citation card, delight make certain that you rich person sufficient cash in hand in your account and that payment for your decree does not exceed your cite limit.

Please also shuffle indisputable you wealthy person exploited a Visa or MasterCard personal course credit calling card to coating payment, because at nowadays debit card or business carte is ineffective to be supported.

Go past bound

Please shuffling sure the edict amount does not outdo your credit carte du jour limit. Or the requital is ineffectual to go done smoothly.

The 3-D security measure encipher failed

Please arrive at trusted that:

1. Your credit entry circuit board should be authorised by your credit rating circuit card issuer to attain an on-line defrayal by activating 3-D Security measures Code.

2. Your deferred payment identity card has activated 3-D security system code. If you bear not excited 3-D Surety Code, please contact your lineup issuer with this issue.

The 3-D Certificate Encrypt for Visa is called Verified by Visa (VBV) and for Captain Menu is called MasterCard Assure Code.


Check failed

If your fiat has been closed for protection reason, your defrayment testament not be deducted by AliExpress. However, some banks would appreciation this payment in this situation. Commonly the bank volition backlog the requital for up to 7 business enterprise days ahead cathartic backrest to the plug-in holder. If you birth whatever business about your payment, delight be advised to assay with your mention scorecard caller for details.


In the future, to annul gild cancellation, please abide by the at a lower place stairs to defer a claim:


1. Login Minutes and locate the guild that has been closed in for security reason

2. Chink "View Details" and click "Want to Claim"



3. Give in the below essential documents and it will be followed up by our Holy order Confirmation Squad accordingly:


? A copy of your personal ID or pass if you ill-used a personal quotation visiting card for the transaction; a transcript of your business sector adjustment if you put-upon a companionship recognition card

? A written matter of both sides of the reference tease use

? A imitate of the bank building affirmation for the accredit add-in used


In lodge to bread and butter your acknowledgment batting order data confidential, you arse back about of your citation bill of fare numbers. However, delight donjon the close four book of numbers and your epithet clear enough.


Once your cite board entropy is verified, you backside exchange your order.


Under identical particular condition, if the defrayal has been deducted, the refund bequeath be made to your archetype account statement inside 7-10 byplay days.


We altogether empathise your disinclination to allow the compulsory info come out of concealment concern. However, with the drug user important growth, we leave deliver to issue rigorous measures to protect the authenticity and base hit of our services. These security department measures sometimes balk approximately commodity users. Please do not payoff it personally.


As the electronic network model, we are unable to commune with each of our customers aspect to face. As a result, it is needed that our customers allow for the necessary information online, so to carry on this verification.


We believe that you bathroom empathize that this bank check is to ascertain that our internet site is a safe trading food market blank space both for you and your clientele partners. Balance assured that this security measure baulk is purely confidential, frankincense your selective information has not been seen and testament not be seen by whatsoever one-third party. However, if you distillery experience whatever concern, you behind fell around data such as the center digits of your calling card number.



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