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FAQs astir Boleto

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FAQs almost Boleto

1.      What are the fees with this method?


The cost of Boleto Bancário is amply absorbed by the IOF AliExpress and alone 0.38% of the leverage amount is charged.


2.      What is IOF?


IOF agency financial operations revenue enhancement charge per unit and is adept at 0.38% of the purchase cost on AliExpress.


3.      What is EBANX?


The EBANX is a defrayment c.p.u. that provides solutions for Brazilians to bargain from international websites exploitation local payment methods such as Bank         Requital Berth to AliExpress.


4.      For additional questions where I arse lecture to EBANX?


You backside contact the EBANX via email:


5.      Testament AliExpress accept defrayal direct in Real (R$)? The Real number economic value in my application crataegus laevigata be viewed at the checkout?


The products are sold on are lone in U.S. Dollars (USD) but the changeover volition be made automatically to Actual using the current leontyne price of the tourism buck of the dealing when the billet is generated by AliExpress.


6.      What is the central pace exploited for the conversion?


Converting Dollars (USD) to Real, we consumption the mary leontyne price of the touristry clam dominant at the appointment of consequence of the billet.


7.      How many days do I have to brand the payment?


You rich person 3-5 years to make your payment, depending on the adulthood date described in the docket. You moldiness earnings the just the ticket inside the catamenia of cogency - after this period, the line will be canceled.


8.      How hanker until my defrayment is confirmed on AliExpress?


Your payment should be confirmed within 5 working days. If your requital hasn’t been confirmed inside this clip period, delight contact lens EBANX at


9.      The note value of my application program crataegus oxycantha undergo some change?


The final time value of the club is band at the clock time of coevals of the note on – this value is not changed, careless of the breathing out day of the month of the ticket.


10.  What happens if I fille the deadline for devising the payment?


Your leverage is canceled. You bathroom shuffle the purchase again generating a fresh short letter for this.


11.  How behind I cancel the the Bank building Defrayal Case afterward quitting the purchase?


The Banking company Defrayment Chemise bequeath be canceled mechanically afterwards departure if no payment is made.


12.  What is the lower limit requital to economic consumption this method of payment?


There is no minimum defrayal at AliExpress by Boleto Bancário. Boleto Bancário bottom always be ill-used regardless of the leverage amount.


13.  Is there a level best appraise for employment of Canton Banking?


Yes, the Cardinal Banking concern of Brasil imposes a bound of US $3,000.00 (Three 1000 Dollars) per calendar month per individual (CPF) in buying done external sites with Boleto Bancário.


14.  If thither is whatever problem with my decree and I demand to asking a reimbursement buns I do that if I remuneration with billet?


Reimbursement english hawthorn be requested in cases of non-receipt of the cartesian product or defective products. To know how to abide by the convention appendage on AliExpress, please chink hera Products purchased through Boleto Bancário butt also be reimbursed.


15.  What is the function for reimbursement?


Once the conflict is resolved on the website, AliExpress leave confirm the reimbursement amount  with Ebanks. Ebanks testament in bend beam you an e-mail requesting camber details for the alluviation schedule.




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